Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting to Know You....

Getting to grips with new equipment has taken up an enormous amount of time in the last few weeks. I have replaced all my screens with lightweight aluminium and also lightweight wooden squeegees.
I look back to the time - only a couple of years ago - when the squeegee I was using was enormously heavy - 1.5+ kilos and very unergonomically designed. I probably did some damage to my hands and wrists. I certainly couldn't have coped doing the amount of printing I do now.

You would think the changeover would be easy - not so. Not all screens are the same - and it took me a while to find some that suited me - tension and weight wise. The same with squeegees - different types push through different amounts of ink I have discovered. With unexpected effects.

But I think I have finally got the hang of basic fabric printing now with this new equipment, including very fine cotton - scarves have been my latest. But I haven't mastered fine silk (scarves) yet. Lots of painty messes in the studio as I try out different ways and different screens for silk.
And I have discovered Permaset Print Paste - produces lovely translucent colours for scarf printing. Lots of fun playing around mixing colours with this.

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