Friday, February 27, 2015

Fibre Fest - This Weekend

If you are looking for some inspiration this weekend, don't miss this!

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Colour, New Tool

I tried a new colour for my casuarina print, cut last year and tweaked a bit this year - deep olivey green - just like the real tree. Previously I had just printed it in white.

The print is on an oatmeal linen tea towel. For ages I have been wishing I could work out how to remove the background in my photos, or make it transparent, particularly for loading photos into my Etsy shop. Picasa, my favourite editing program doesn't have that feature yet (but it now has 'straighten' which I seem to use all the time for my regularly crooked photos), and I had mucked around using my Photoshop Elements program and the eraser tool, but it all seemed so tedious and time consuming so I didn't persevere - just admired others' photos. And then I discovered Photoshop's Magic Extractor tool while browsing my Photoshop for Dummies book (there are also a couple of videos on YouTube). Voila....

 The trick is to use a strong contrast for the background so the extraction is nice and clean. So the image above started life like this - just photographed on a piece of red card.
Then a quick task to separately identify the foreground you want to keep, and the background to get rid of, using the two little paintbrush tools in the Magic Extractor program. Easy peasy. No stopping me now.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Year, New Print

I am aiming to produce one new print per month - ha ha. I am already one month behind - since it is now February. This one - the lilly pilly (isn't there one in everyone's garden?) was planned and the stencil cut in December and printed last week. Another week of drying and curing and it will be ready to add to my Etsy shop. 

One benefit of being tardy - if I had produced it in January I wouldn't have been able to photograph the magnificent berries now mature on my garden plant. What a colour!