Monday, March 17, 2014

My 200th Etsy sale

I have just passed this milestone and decided I needed to tart up my Etsy shop presentation and blog banner. There are lots of tutorials to help, thanks to all those wonderful people who take the time to document their experiences for others. I use Picasa so concentrated on the tutorials which used this software - this one for the Etsy banner and this one for the blog banner.  Both use collages easily produced via Picasa. I also updated my Etsy and blog avatar to match my label logo. Trial and error here rather than following instructions. Oh - and I also designed a business card and had them produced - at long last.

Next task will be to update the layout of my blog (and perhaps post a bit more frequently). I have ventured down the Pinterest track but don't find it as addictive as many seem to, and I'm still weighing up the value (effort versus return) in having a PalumaPrint Facebook presence.

Google Analytics provides some fascinating statistical information on visitors to my Etsy and MadeIt shops and also my blog. I have just started to look at these even though I set it up ages ago. Certainly a great way to while away the hours. There has been a huge decrease in visitor numbers to my MadeIt shop in the last 6 months (and hardly any sales this year). I wonder why? Have handmade buyers just decided to go global because of the greater choice at their fingertips? My Etsy visitor numbers and sales have certainly increased rapidly in the last year.

And finally what's a blog post without a picture or two

A recent morning rainbow

Sunset from the deck

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