Friday, November 29, 2013

The Weeping Bottlebrush

I have been inspired by the weeping bottlebrush growing outside my kitchen window. The little brown honeyeater loved the flowers and I had the perfect spot to spy on them - and the blue faced honeyeaters as well, which were completely unaware of my presence.
The buds have long gone and flowers are finished and I am watching the seed pods mature. I have reflected all three phases in my latest screen print design. Not much planning went into this one. I sketched - it looked right. Then I completed the drawing, cut the stencil, did a trial print (yesterday)and then a series today - just love the result. Serendipity is a wonderful thing.


tigrrlily said...

This is so successful - it has a lot of movement and is light and delicate. Beautiful.

Sandra Wilks said...

Good evening do you do runners in 200cm-213cm in length

PalumaPrint said...

Hi - I only do 150cm length. Sorry.