Friday, September 20, 2013

From One End of the Bay to the Other

Long time between posts but I've moved house - still by the shores of Moreton Bay, but the southern end this time. So I've been getting to know the local flora and wildlife in my new surroundings. One spectacular tree which I've not come across very often is the tree waratah or red silky oak (Alloxylon flammeum previously Oreocallis wickhamii). This is a rainforest native and here it is growing and in flower in my backyard.

Also close by is the beautiful red bottlebrush Melaleuca viminalis. I've never had one so close before and the flowers attract the brown honeyeater, rainbow lorikeet, blue faced honeyeater and little friar bird - that's my tally so far. You can see a little brown honeyeater in the photo - right at the top.

The birdlife here is a bit different - no bullies such as Little Wattle birds (no banksias) and very few Noisy Miners, so lots more of the smaller birds. Even some sort of thrush plus a pair of kookaburras nesting in an old tree.

These two were watching this big carpet snake!

And isn't this spectacular - not a native - some sort of ornamental passionfruit. The blue faced honeyeaters love it!

Red is the "in" colour of the plant world here.

I've decided my next print will be a bottlebrush - stay tuned.

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