Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Coastal Banksia

I love love love this tree - Banksia integrifolia - the Coastal Banksia. This specimen was photographed at Cowan Cowan on Moreton Island earlier this year, but I also have a little one outside my house which the council planted as a street tree. It even has its first flowers this year.

I did a stencil screen print a few years ago but was never very happy with the result so its been floating around in my head to do another - just took a bit of time to get around to it. However a couple of rainy days this week provided the opportunity to do the stencil cutting, and here is the result (with a bit of artistic licence).

First as a linen tea towel (unbleached linen)

 I first tried two identical placement prints but I prefer the one above I think

Then as a set of placemats on oatmeal linen - so the print is much more subtle (though hard to tell from this photograph).

I'll have a couple of items at the Botanique Art Bazaar next week- see how they go, but I love this print.

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