Monday, June 17, 2013

Back to Bag Making

I haven't made any bags for a while and so I am now very low on stock (in fact I have nothing to replenish my recent sales with). I sell all my bags in my retail outlets - not online. Especially the Samford Slab Hut. I find that people like to see, touch and try more expensive items and that's difficult to do online, so mine don't get sold that way - understandably, I'd be the same.

So it's been a bit of a bag blitz over the last week at the PalumaPrint studio, and here are some of the results. I do love the way the satchels have turned out this time. I always find it best to make more than one at a time. It's amazing how one forgets the process after a bit of a time gap.

I've been mucking around with some smaller items for the online shops - little pouches this time.

Great for keeping bits and pieces (lippy, medications, tissues etc) together in a larger handbag, and easier to transfer these essential items from one handbag to another.

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