Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Japanophilia

One of my favourite recent purchases is this Japanese "noren" now hanging in the doorway of my bedroom. Noren are traditional Japanese fabric dividers, hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways, or in windows. They usually have one or more vertical slits cut from the bottom to nearly the top of the fabric, allowing for easier passage or viewing.

Noren are used by shops and restaurants as a means of protection from sun, wind, and dust, and for advertising space (mine are there for privacy). They are also hung in the front entrance to a shop or restaurant to signify that the establishment is open for business, and they are always taken down at the end of the business day (thanks Wikipedia). I love the colour, fabric (a heavy cotton) and design - depicting cherry blossom - of my noren which comes from the island of Miyajima.  I can imagine making a gorgeous local version - screen printed with a design featuring native flowers.  

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