Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bag Blitz

This what I have been making over the past few weeks - not full time of course. I love these little shoulder purses. My own (the original prototype of course) is the blue gumnut print and is ever so useful for popping a few items in when you don't want to take a giant cavernous handbag. I have been told that the new iPad mini fits comfortably in them now.

I should soon have enough to pop a couple of different print designs and colours in my online shops.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Table Runner

This time featuring the kangaroo paw. And matched with a set of linen napkins.

And another variation

I didn't think this would work as a table runner as it is not a repeat and therefore couldn't be printed as a continuous design like this one
But after a bit of mucking around I came up with these which I think look good. Soon in my online shops....

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Japanese Loop Bag

Sometimes called knot bag. Have been wanting to try out this little bag for a while. I think it suits some of my screen print designs. So now I have a bit of time to play, I tried out one of my commercial patterns, but there was no way I could understand the instructions to do the handles - and I think I am a reasonably experienced sewer by now.
So off to google and I came up with a few patterns and some instructions. Probably the best was this one in terms of clearer handle instructions though I didn't use the pattern - and this is the result. Still a prototype but has potential I think, so back to the drafting board and a few more tries!

 I had more success with this one - all ready for a day (or evening) out!