Saturday, February 23, 2013

Furoshiki Wrapping

While I was in Japan I did a very short course (about 1 hr) on furoshiki wrapping. There are various sizes of furoshiki and I tried out three. They are chu-haba (45cm square); futa-haba (68cm square) and nishi-haba (90cm square).  This is the website of the course provider in Kyoto. It was very good with an excellent English speaking tutor and comprehensive notes provided at the end. The only difficuly was finding the place - no English sign outside!

I tried dressing up a wine bottle using one of my linen tea towels (which is not square but rectangular but you get the idea). This is kimono style - including the obi sash. It does crease the linen however.

Something New, Something Blue

I've spent the last two weeks printing up stock, replenishing supplies after the Christmas demand. Although satisfying it can become a bit tedious, so today a spur of the moment decision to try something different. I looked at a few of my commercial patterns and adapted - and voila - a little wrist natural linen printed with my tea tree design (and black linen on the back).

Sunday, February 10, 2013

All Dressed Up for a Party

I've just come back from a trip to Japan and have been intrigued, stunned, delighted and inspired with the sights and sounds of that amazing country. How's this for an idea - Kimono Bottle Wear - unique design for decorating wine bottles in traditional Japanese kimono style. This one even features the drum knot fastening style (Otaiko Obi) for securing the sash over the kimono.