Saturday, June 30, 2012

Botanique is on Again

Event Botanique is on at the Brisbane Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens from Wednesday 4 July to Sunday 15 July. This year the event is in two parts
Catwalk Botanique on Tuesday 10 July at 7pm - this is a parade of original wearable art held in the Auditorium

Bazaar Botanique 4 - 15 July, 10am - 4pm - this is a display of botanically inspired items for exhibition and sale held in the Richard Randall studio. Items will include books, stationery, paintings, sculptures, jewellery, shoes, toys, homewares and more, presented by 30 local artisans. PalumaPrint will be participating in this event. I had great plans to produce scarfs and other wearable art but alas only shoulder bags and purses got made.... Next year perhaps....

For ticket sales and enquiries contact Bettina on 0405402340 or email

While you are there take plenty of time to explore our beautiful Botanic Gardens

Friday, June 22, 2012

More NZ Finds

A while ago I blogged about some NZ screenprinters and some examples of their work. Today I received an interesting followup - an email from Anneliese of Tikitibu, a NZ run company that works exclusively with NZ artists and produces a range of gift and homewares for the retail market. Tikitibu  makes the wooden gift tags with Ingrid Anderson's (and others) designs and I featured the Pohutikawa design in my blog post. 
I actually bought myself the gift tag with the Kowhai design from a little gallery in Rotorua and it is hanging in my little studio as a wall decoration, reminding me of my NZ trip. 

 In the same gallery in Rotorua (can't remember the name)  I also purchased a Tikitibu desk calendar, designed by Jane Galloway. This is the June design, but every month is just gorgeous.

Check out the Tikitibu website for more stunning New Zealand art products.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cool Cushions

I thought my chairs needed a little brightening up for the winter months so I tried my hand at making cushions (need for much more practice and an overlocking machine I think). My cheery red umbrella tree and kangaroo paw prints did the job - the umbrella tree on a silk fabric which printed up very nicely, and kangaroo paw on a very heavy weight calico.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kangaroo Paw Tote

Another product from a wet, windy and cold long weekend. Feels like Melbourne, but great sewing weather! I think it needs a button on the flap to finish it off.

This tote is destined for Botanique 2012 to be held at the Richard Randall Art Studio, Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens  from 3 - 15 July.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different.....Pincushions!

It's grey, cold and a bit wet here so what better way to spend this dreary Sunday than trawling MadeIt for something. And why not pincushions! Aren't they spectacular? These are really works of art. Hard to imagine sticking pins into them.

Both Spincushions and Plushka have featured PalumaPrint in their blogs this year. So I am returning the compliment :-)