Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winding Down for Christmas (and my 130th blog post)

Online sales have just about stopped - Christmas shopping is over for most online buyers now - and so I am taking a break very shortly for a few weeks. This year my online sales have overtaken sales in the physical shops that I supply - a sign of the times perhaps?? Each year has been busier than the previous for PalumaPrint (of the three years I have now been screenprinting) - I am just about as busy as I want to be. I don't what a proper job again! I love to be able to try new things and this year have moved into table runners, fabric baskets and a new small purse design. But I have only had time to produce two new native flora designs in the labour intensive way that I do them.

So I have been looking at digital assistance. I have started to play with Photoshop Elements and investigating tutorials for designing, and in particular how to produce repeat patterns. Haven't got very far yet as Elements is very complex and I need a manual So New Year's resolution no.1 - Get a copy of Photoshop for Dummies (and please don't tell me I should be using Illustrator).  I have found a few good tutorials on the web, such as those put out by Color on Cloth and there are probably lots more out there. So armed with this new somewhat confused knowledge, I produced a couple of designs for cards, using Photoshop to produce half drop repeats and then using the digital colour palette to colour. Finally they were printed out on my little Canon inkjet. How cool is that. I'm calling them my prototypes. A bit primitive but hey - it's a start.
I am also fascinated by the SpoonFlower service (in the US) of digital fabric printing of designs which anyone can upload. I still prefer hand printed fabric though where you can feel the inspiration and passion of the artist transmitted directly onto the fabric, and where an individual has control of the whole process - from original design concept to the final product. Not really an economic proposition these days sadly.