Friday, August 10, 2012

Trying Something New

Recently I participated in a workshop held during the Bribie Island Art Festival (From Banksias to Beach) in July. The workshop was "Twisting Silver Wire" and the teacher was Catherine Bilson of Banksia Creations. It was all about making jewellery. I thought it might give me some techniques in wire wrapping my sea glass creations a bit more professionally, but it was really all about making jewellery from polished regular gemstones. Never mind I thoroughly enjoyed it and came away with these after only one day! The earrings (the simplest to make) were subsequently gold plated (took about 2 minutes) by one of gem club members at Bribie.

Catherine did a lot of one on one help so I can't claim them to be totally my own work but hey who cares. Catherine is an excellent teacher and the workshop very well organised (well she was once an aerospace engineer). Now I know what wrapped jewellery is and how it is done. But it is very hard on your fingers so I don't think I will be pursuing it.

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