Thursday, August 2, 2012

Product Development - or More Messing Around

I have been wanting to try another version of a purse - this time one with a shoulder strap. I got the idea from a little one I purchased in Noumea and found very handy for carrying a few bits and pieces. So out came the drafting paper...
This time I made up the prototype in calico and other scraps just to make sure I had the dimensions right, and also how to work out how the lining was fitted.
Et voila - this is the result. Unbleached linen and denim with a navy cotton strap and navy zip. The lining is cream cotton also printed with the gumnut design.
Quite quick to construct (compared with my other little purse design) and casual but smart. This one's for me to road test.

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gaby@stilelemente said...

Nice experiments and results... it's fun trying new things :)