Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Learning about Leather

I've had a few pieces of leather in my stash which have been sitting there forlornly for a few years now. I have always had in the back of my mind to use leather with my screen printed fabric, but until now have only tried sewing it once and then using suede. These are the only photos I have of that experiment and the purse was sold long ago, but you can just see the suede on the back of the purse.

So today was the day to do a bit more experimenting. This time with some soft black leather I bought long ago while still in Melbourne. Lots of questions - can you iron leather? How will it sew? Will it be too bulky?...
Foolishly perhaps I also wanted to try out a new design - a simple rectangular sunglasses/spectacles/pencil case. And here is the result. The case is too small lengthwise but I was happy with the way my little Elna machine handled the leather (using a leather needle). I wouldn't use a metal zip again. I think it looks a bit clunky and is also quite difficult to sew. And I am nervous of breaking the sewing needle.

The screen printed front of the case is in unbleached linen and it is lined with black cotton. I'll see how it survives some hard use next.
Now I want to try something else new!

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