Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Comes Next

My new designs now made into two cute coin purses. Tea towels and placemats next!
But first I need to print some more of these

and these
And these

It seems impossible to predict what is going to sell well from year to year. Last year I hardly sold any teatowels in the first three months - or table mats, but lots of shoulder bags. This year it is the reverse. Last year my online sales were mostly on Madeit. This year - at least for the first three months - Etsy has been the winner.
And working out which colours people like best is a bit tricky, but I think that red and white prints are consistently the winners, with green the least popular (unless it is a shoulder bag??). So I'll just keep printing what pleases me.

1 comment:

tigrrlily said...

Love the new designs, and I reckon the white on grey will be a winner.