Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing - The Kangaroo Paw

I've finally done it! And quite pleased with the result. Just a little final tweaking with the stencil. My first prints were on some scraps of fabric - cream, pink, grey and even black (although that didn't work very well).

And the hard working stencil - quite a few hours of careful cutting there.

While I was at it I also printed out my second new design - the Tea Tree or May on cream and blue/grey fabric

And the simple stencil

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Design Mojo is Back (I Hope)

Last week I got down to business. No more faffing around and making excuses for not doing anything.
So now I am working on two new designs - kangaroo paw which I have previously blogged about here. This is a popular inspiration for other designers so I am taking a different perspective and focussing on the tiny flowers - like these. I am hoping they will translate into a striking design.

The second one started off as an Everlasting Daisy - like this

but somewhere along the way morphed into this
the Tea-Tree or May.
I discovered a useful little editing feature on Picnic (via Picasa) which is sadly going away soon, called "pencil sketch' which converted my photo to this
Lots of fun!

So my plan for the next week or so is to prepare the stencils and do some test prints - watch this space! And work on another design - the Correa or Native Fuchsia - although that might turn into something else as well.

One of my art books which helped the creative juices to get going again is this one - Fancy Designs 1920

from The Pepin Press - one of their many design titles.