Thursday, March 15, 2012

Designer Block

That's what I've got. Its been sooo.... long since I created any new designs. All sorts of excuses for why not...needed to produce lots of standard stock (done!), needed to refurbish my screens (done!), needed to go to a few arty classes for inspiration (just finished a day and half course on improving the creative process) - so there should be no stopping me now.
This latest course provided me with a few interesting (and some new to me) principles and techniques
1. basic composition principles,
2. use of positive and negative space
3. some techniques to engage the right side of the brain e.g.upside down drawing
4. work quickly, produce lots of sketches etc initially, not everything will work and be carried forward
5. have more than one work on the go - so if you get stuck on one you can leave it temporarily and work on something else, and
6. beware of overworking a design
7. use a viewfinder - a cardboard frame like the matt board surrounding a picture - to isolate specific areas as part of working up the design
8. use an overhead projector to blow up images. Many art shops sell this sort of equipment. This is a small one I bought at Eckersleys
9. use a lightbox - I already do that
10. and finally document everything (e.g. in a visual diary) and using a camera to do this. Very easy to forget how you achieved a particular effect

So off I go.....


gaby@stilelemente said...

It's bound to happen... I hope you break through it quickly, lucky you already have lots of lovely designs to keep you going until the inspiration comes.

Sue Roberts: The Preserving Patch said...

hahaha.......I thought that the photo was of a "Designer Block"....some sort of new fangled gadget to assist the design process.....but now I understand.