Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Lovely Exhibition

This is one not to miss if you are in the vicinity of Redcliffe. The exhibition consists of three (actually four) artists working in different media but inspired by a common theme - the coastal environment. There are textile art and wood sculptures by Fran Robinson (Beachcomber), ceramic installations by Susan Mullen (Edge) and my favourite Swamp Cartography; Notes in Silver and Clay by Rebecca Ward and Shannon Garson - featuring silver and glass jewellery and delicate ceramics.

This is a description of the project from their blog
"In August 2009 ceramicist Shannon Garson and jeweller Rebecca Ward were awarded an Arts Queensland grant to research the wallum swamps of South East Qld and produce a collaborative body of work illuminating this beautiful and fast disappearing eco system.
We started this blog as a record of the collaborative process and a record of the lovely wallum of South East Queensland".

I remember large tracts of wallum north of Caloundra from my childhood, and many happy hours looking for the wildflowers in spring during our Sunday drives to the beach. Sadly all replaced by housing now.
Leptospermum trinervium

Plants that have inspired the artists and feature in their work include scribbly gums, leptospermum (flower above), coral ferns, vanilla orchids and banksia 
(inspired by scribbly gums. Photo from the swampcartography blog)
The progress of the project (including the background behind the name of the exhibition) is documented on their blog . The exhibition closes on the 25 February.

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