Monday, February 20, 2012

And Now to Screen Printing in South Africa

My very first Etsy purchase was from the interestingly named Skinny laMinx way back in late 2009. Two screenprinted tea towels no less, in a lovely 100% cotton - "Waiting" and "Summer Weeds". Of course I don't use them but have added to my tea towel collection! I remember there was a personalised thank you note and a little Skinny laMinx badge in the parcel as well.

I had two purposes in purchasing - one to own a tea towel from such a successful seller and two to explore the brave new world of Etsy with the idea of becoming a seller. Skinny laMinx (aka Heather Moore) is based in Capetown  and describes herself as an illustrator and designer. Much of her work is screenprinted fabric featuring strong colours and bold, often South African inspired designs of local animals and plants. She must have been one of the earlier Etsy sellers, opening in January 2007. Her shop statistics are staggering - 5,480 sales, 23,676 admirers (I have 151 :-)), 1389 circles (you need to be an Etsy enthusiast to know what that means), 5676 Twitter followers (I don't even have a Twitter account :-().

A very busy lady and committed blogger (since 2006), you can read about her interesting life and the blossoming of her business at .

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