Monday, January 2, 2012

More Sea Glass

Now I have started collecting I can't stop. Here is the result of the last 4 or 5 days scavenging on the beach.

I read somewhere that sea glass is declining in quantity these days as much more is now being made of plastic. My walk along the surf beach at Currimundi on Boxing Day certainly supported that - just broken bits of coloured plastic. No glass at all.

I've found some lovely sea glass artists on MadeIt and Etsy. Here is an Australian site.

Actually this is just displacement behaviour - I really should be making PalumaPrint New Year Resolutions. So here goes......

1. spend more time on the artistic creative side - don't get sucked into too much production

2. explore other media and techniques

3. sew/make some different things from my screen prints

4. keep blogging

5. new designs

....that's enough. I feel tired already. I'm off to read my book.

On the design front, I have been looking at seeds lately. These are just what's in the garden at the moment.

(another resolution - learn to use my new(ish) camera properly)

I've been inspired by Sophie Munn - 2010 Artist in Residence at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and her blog and recently published booklet.

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gaby@stilelemente said...

Interesting that sea glass is so hard to find these days... shame about all the plastic. I really enjoyed exploring Sophie's blog and website, thanks for sharing and have fun accomplishing all your New Year's resolutions :)