Friday, September 30, 2011

Papers, Pages and Prints

That's the name of a beautiful exhibition that's just ended at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery.  The exhibition included altered books and handmade books from the Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists Book and Paper Group. Two of my Samford Slab Hut artist friends were exhibitors - Tricia Smout and Wendy Sonnenburg.  And the exhibition also included artist prints (mostly etchings) by Judith Rosenberg which are exquisite, and a range of works from the Pressgang Print Group from Noosa. My favourite part of the exhibition were the prints and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a monotype printing workshop run by one of the printmakers Sandra Pearce. Sandra's work is just beautiful - she is inspired by nature and the environment which is probably why I find it so stunning. Here is an example from her website  - scrub turkey.

  And another one - some species of pigeon (native I hope)

I have never tried monotype printing before - and on paper - so it opened up a whole new world for me. We used a printing press to create the prints (but you can manage without) and all sorts of materials including leaves, stencil cutouts, pieces of lace - just about anything. The workshop was only two and a half hours so it was just a taste. Not much time to try out layering but I am happy enough with my first go. Can't wait to try out more!

(P.S. This is the first blog post from my new Toshiba laptop - fantastic to have more power. Now I don't have time to have a cup of tea or a shower while I wait for Picasa to load :-)).


tigrrlily said...

The scrub turkey print is just scrumptious.

Emmaline said...

these prints are stunning, i love the texture overlay you can achieve with monoprints.