Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Printing on Silk

I've been wanting to try screen printing on silk for a while. So I bought some blank silk scarfs online and tried a few different techniques. First I tried diluting the colour with transparent white fabric ink - ratio of about 1:10 to see if I could create paler more translucent colours. I used mid blue and light blue in order to try out the ombre effect - also known as a blend, a rainbow or a split fountain. It looked good on my cotton test pieces although I think I could have had a slightly darker blue.

But printing on the silk was very difficult. You can see how fine the fabric is, so the ink goes right through and onto the backing cloth. Very difficult to remove without getting ink everywhere.

I did manage to produce one scarf that I'm reasonably happy with and I've got a few "mistakes' I can keep practising with. I think the trick will be to let the ink dry in situ before lifting the fabric.


gaby@stilelemente said...

Nice result, hope your experiments land you the perfect solution. I've only used silk with natural dyeing (which gives beautiful results) but have been wanting to experiment printing with different fabrics myself...one day :)

tigrrlily said...

The ombre effect is really effective. Look forward to seeing what comes out next...