Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hand Printing - Japanese Style

I thought I might have occasional blog posts on other artists who hand print on fabric. Screen printers to start with then maybe lino prints and wood cuts, and see how far I get. I will trawl Etsy and Madeit and the web generally to find like souls who have lovely designs, interesting blogs and stories to tell. It will be fascinating to see what I find, and a great way to learn a bit more about this absorbing art form. Of course I will be particularly inspired by nature influenced designs. So to kick off I thought I would feature Japanese surface pattern designer Kalla  (Hitomi Kimura) who has a blog (in English) at  http://kalladesign.blogspot.com/ and website at http://kalladesign.blogspot.com/.  From her website - her Bird print made into this stunning tea cosy.

I love her blog posts and photographs which talk about the creative process, how her designs evolve, the use of mood boards and colour mixing, the printing process and her studio setup. Quite inspirational. I particularly identifed with the posts about colour management - the importance of being able to make the same colours again and having a system to do this, but also the delight in making beautiful colours by accident. One of her recent blog posts is titled - Looking for Mr Red - oh how I know that feeling.
Here's the link to her Etsy site http://www.etsy.com/shop/kalla and I can't resist including another photo of one of her beautiful yet so simple designs


Hitomi Kimura said...

Hi there,
Thank you so much for the nice blog feature and kindly letting me know! It always makes me happy to meet (even just online) a fellow screen print artist and please know that your works are very inspirational to me too! Thank you again and have a nice evening!
Hitomi @ Kalla

gaby@stilelemente said...

I came across Kalla ages ago but then lost track of it so thanks for sparking my interest, looking forward to re-discovering it :)

sems worn said...
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sems worn said...

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