Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My creative space aka printing studio has been transformed.

The old concrete laundry tubs which took up sooo much space have been removed, and a new modern one installed in the corner - out of the way, and I've hidden the washing machine and tub (and old broom cupboard) behind some curtains from Crazy Clarks. The printing table is covered by the blue cloth. I've even put up some nice pictures that have been languishing in a cupboard. And the winter sunshine pours in.

I've now got so much more space that I can have a little cane chair and table in the area - to have a cup of tea and relax between printing stints.

I've put a couple of my fabric prints in small photograph frames.

Now I wish I had taken a photo of the space right at the beginning, before I even moved in - with the old yellowish painted walls, peeling yellow lino that didn't make it to the walls and those tubs! Now its all blue and white.

And my creative space extends outside

No excuses now.....

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gaby@stilelemente said...

It's a good feeling when an idea becomes a reality, especially if it means having your own creative space... and I love that it extends outside too - what a lovely area! Happy printing and tea drinking in your new studio :)