Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Artist of the Month

Gulp - that's me - feature artist for May at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery shop. There's even a bit about me on the Gallery website. I have never considered myself an artist - design is more my forte and I think there's a big difference. But I am happy to pretend for a month!

Anyway, talking about designing here is my latest little creation. It took about three prototypes before I was happy with the dimensions and overall functionality as a useful purse, as well as the appearance. I tried a few commercial patterns but in the end I constructed up my own.

My studio is undergoing a makeover - can't wait until it is transformed from the old laundry to a sunny and much more spacious room. I finally got rid of the old concrete tubs which must have been there since the house was first built in the late 50s. Photos coming as soon as I am re-installed.

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tigrrlily said...

This is great - artist of the month indeed! Look forward to seeing the new studio - what a good idea. You deserve an inspirational working space. Love the purse design too.