Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At The Pine Rivers Art Gallery Shop

I've just dropped off some goodies to the Pine Rivers Art Gallery in Strathpine. Tracey the curator has set up a very stylish shop area in the Gallery space and PalumaPrint is one of 80 artists now represented there. The Gallery is very supportive in promoting the wider recognition of local artists.

I've decided to have a slightly different but consistent style there to my other outlets. For instance the tea towels all have the lovely hem-stitched ends, and my handbags and purses will all feature printed unbleached linen in their design.. I'm calling this my "Pine Rivers Collection" :-)

By the way it is a lovely gallery and certainly worth a visit if you are in the Strathpine area. Check out the website for the exhibition and workshop program, as well as its location and opening hours.

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tigrrlily said...

Congratulations! Hope the Pine River Collection does well - you are in great company at that gallery.