Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At The Pine Rivers Art Gallery Shop

I've just dropped off some goodies to the Pine Rivers Art Gallery in Strathpine. Tracey the curator has set up a very stylish shop area in the Gallery space and PalumaPrint is one of 80 artists now represented there. The Gallery is very supportive in promoting the wider recognition of local artists.

I've decided to have a slightly different but consistent style there to my other outlets. For instance the tea towels all have the lovely hem-stitched ends, and my handbags and purses will all feature printed unbleached linen in their design.. I'm calling this my "Pine Rivers Collection" :-)

By the way it is a lovely gallery and certainly worth a visit if you are in the Strathpine area. Check out the website for the exhibition and workshop program, as well as its location and opening hours.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh - And Here's Another One

Black denim, unbleached linen and my umbrella tree print in black. Sometimes I think I shouldn't be promoting this plant. Even though it is a native, it can go feral if it escapes from the garden - but I just love the way the print dances across the fabric. This one is destined for my new outlet - details coming soon.....:-)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bags in Bulk

Well not quite....But I decided I need to be more efficient in my bag making. No more pfaffing around making one bag at a time. I don't have that much time and I would rather be designing and trying out new items. So here is my effort from the last day or so (there are four there) - plus lots of fabric for purses now cut out, interfaced and ready to be sewn. I find this to be the most time consuming (and dare I say boring) part and much more easily done as a bulk lot. I just have to have lots of fabric printed and ready to go.

I'm into green at the moment but there is a blue one that's snuk in. And I have just discovered how to make yo-yos as embellishments. One step up from covered buttons!

But there's still time to wander around the garden and see what's flowering this week.
It's another native hibiscus! This one is the Prostrate Hibiscus (Abelmoschus moschatus). Mine is a bit contrary - it's not prostrate at all - in fact it is quite upright though not very tall, and it's got a yellow centre when it supposed to be maroon.