Friday, December 17, 2010

They're Back!

The yellow tailed black cockatoos are back - a bit later than last year and not as many. And they have already moved on leaving lots of half eaten banksia cones lying on the ground under the trees where they are feeding. What a treat to see these magnificant birds lumbering through the suburbs like low flying black jumbo jets. They announce their presence in the trees with a gentle call as they feed contentedly, quite unlike the raucous white cockatoos. It's been a week for wildlife. This morning there was a dolphin very close to shore and not far from the Woody Point jetty (of course no camera with me) and back home I see the resident blue tongue skink quite regularly now - this morning I caught it chomping on a toadstool that had popped up in the mulch. Oh - and last night there was a tawny frogmouth on the clothes line booming away. Too bad the carpet snake had to be evicted and relocated to the Boondall Wetlands. But probably safer for it there.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time for Tea

I've just been email interviewed by the lovely lady responsible for the amazing Tea and Travel website - Deb Huff. If you are a tea afficionado then this is the website for you. I was just blown away by the fabulous photography and range of tea topics which she covers, including tea related travel and tourism, teaware design as well as tea (of all types) and tea farming, and production - and from all over the world.  The latest post is about the oolong tea plantation in the Waikato area of New Zealand - called Zealong - well what else would you call it.

Me, I'm just a traditional "black tea with milk" tea drinker but maybe I should be a bit more adventureous. Here's the link to my interview. There are also posts about ceramic artists who also specialise in teaware on Deb's website.

And speaking of tea, I've just printed up some tee shirts for some little Tasmanians who will be visiting soon. So cute...

And before I sign off on tea, I have some swanky new tea towel linen blanks to play with - in oatmeal and flax. Lovely finish.

I'm drowning in tea towels right now. I'll need to find some new outlets next year - PalumaPrint might be expanding :-).