Thursday, October 21, 2010

Celebrating Tea Towels

I love tea towels - they are just so pretty - and so versatile!

You can wrap them around wine bottles

Make a stylish bread basket

Or line a fruit bowl

I have made a cafe apron from one

And even a shoulder bag

I want to try cushions - like this one made from a tea towel from quince

I'm sure they could be made into wall hangings, tray cloths and even hats. The possibilities are endless. Who cares about using them to wipe boring dishes.

Go tea towels! 

( I will be putting some new ones in my MadeIt and Etsy shops very soon)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wash Up

It's been a wild and wet weekend on Stradbroke Is.

Main Beach at Point Lookout is littered with open water creatures washed in by strong north westerlies - and all blues and purples. What a treat!
 Sea Lizard (Glaucus) - it's just stunning

 Bluebottle or Portuguese Man-O-War (Physalia)

By-the-wind Sailor (Velella) - literally thousands of these washed up

Sea snail which floats on open ocean using a bubble raft (Janthina)

Even the crabs are blue

What a feast for the Sooty Oystercatchers

Lots of whales, turtles and dolphins enjoying the weather - and no plastic washed up!