Friday, September 17, 2010

What's In Flower

I went to the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens to see what's flowering in spring - both for inspiration and to practice the macro feature of the camera on a nice dull day. Hordes of fruit bats and white ibis have moved in and so, sadly, a lot of the Gardens have been fenced off, but I could get to the back part by ducking down a narrow path between the bat trees - I'll take a hat next time.

Some of these are already in my native garden
Pointed leaf Hovea
Wild May
Everlasting daisy
This one doesn't have a common name
Flax Lily
If I ever grow a big enough tree I'd like this orchid

And I definitely want this one - a rainforest tree called Snow Wood and in the same family as wattles.
I've been playing around with sketching the Everlasting Daisy - it's got potential for a print - I just have to work out a nice layout for the design repeat.

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