Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Designs - Finally

Finally my head is in the right place to do some new designs and try some new colours on the lovely unbleached linen I have in my stash. The Brisbane Wattle design I tried in white and the Grevillea in a mid red. Not sure which I like the best - very happy with both. I have another new design - native violet - that will have to wait until tomorrow. Inspiration for these have all come from my newly planted native garden - so they are all local plants.

And this afternoon I am going to do some colour mixing - approaching this bit more systematically than usual (like measuring amounts and keeping records) - not the usual "mix it all together" and hope it comes out like last time!


Sue Roberts said...

On first glance I liked the grevillea better but on closer inspection I think I like the wattle better. Nice work. Good to see you have recovered from all those pesky visitors!

PalumaPrint said...

Did you read my email about the flowering pak choi in my vege garden - I ate it anyway