Monday, August 23, 2010

Moreton Island - for a Bit of R & R

Moreton Is - the jewel of the great sand islands of Moreton Bay and still primarily a wilderness with 98% of the  Island protected as National Park, yet so close to Brisbane. I have been wanting to write a short post about Moreton Island for a while now - so after a recent visit and lots of photos I have no excuse. 

Hard to believe this place is so close to Brisbane and so unspolit but I was horrified at the amount of plastic of all sorts that is watched up by the tide - thongs, bottle tops, bits of bottles etc etc. Makes me sad this thoughtlessness of others. Strong westerlies over a few days threw up some interesting flotsam - heart urchins, starfish, anemones and juvenile sand snails (I think) as well as plastic.

And lots of sea hares

And mangrove fruits - which way's up?

On the ocean side and not too far out, lots of humpback whales at the moment, on their annual migration north

Not much flowering in the bush yet except for a wattle and the beautiful Wedding Bush shrub - also prevalent on Bribie Is. Lots of my favourite Banksia fruit lying around.

Interesting critter basking in the sun just above the high tide mark.

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