Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wattle Time

The wattles are in flower again - filling the air with their very distinctive and evocative perfume. That smell always conjures up a range of particular memories for me - and for every other Australian as well I guess.
This is a photo of the first to come into flower near me - along the edge of the Arboretum. Not sure at this stage if it is the Hickory or Black Wattle. I'll have to look at the seeds when they form. This one has just about finished flowering now (the seeds have now formed and it's the black wattle (A. leiocalyx).

Now it is the turn of the Brisbane wattle Acacia fimbriata. This is another local one growing on some wasteland.  Not the best photo but it was raining!

I have planted a couple in my new garden - a long way to go before I get any flowers :-( 
But they are supposed to be fast growers.

I am also preparing a stencil of this one, to screen print so watch this blog.

There is a really spectacular species which I want to do as well - the zig zag wattle (A. macradenia). There are lots of examples in the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens, now flowering, but here is a photo I found on the internet at the All Natives Online Nursery site. Not a local - found in western Queensland but just so spectacular I can't resist.

My blog (and my printing) has been quiet of late due to visitors staying with me - escaping from colder climes to experience the warm Brisbane winter - and why not! But it's back to work for me now.