Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blogging about Bloodwoods

Or just the Pink Bloodwood. This is native to my area and finished flowering some months ago - the rainbow lorikeets love the blossom, screeching their little hearts out as they munch away. This is a magnificant tree in the local Arboretum - glimpses of Moreton Bay through the foliage.

Now it's fruiting time and the capsules are just so gorgeous - the shape, the colours, the textures ....

Nature's works of art - inspiration for my latest lot of screen printing and sewing.

It was low tide when I was photographing the bloodwood trees in the Arboretum so I went onto the exposed reef to see what I could find - this was my reward! According to Wild Guide to Moreton Bay this tiny sea slug is the Obscure Nudibranch - Hypselodoris obscura (looks far from obscure to me). Apparently the vivid colours advertise its distastefulness to predators - supposed to be common on rocky reefs but this is a first for me. I wonder if a screen print of this little beastie would work.

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