Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Day to Go!

Fine weather at last. This is how I want to remember Melbourne - all blue and sparkly!

Ten things I love about Melbourne (in no particular order)

1. Trams
- riding on them
- tram noises
- the free tram
2. the coffee
3. the laneways and quirky little shops - how do they survive?
4. the multicultural dimension
5. the inner city villages - Brunswick, Fitzroy, Carlton etc
6. Sydney Road
7. the streets and buskers
8. always something to do
9. the vibes and creativity
10. the interesting places outside Melbourne you can get to and back in a day

Things I don't like about Melbourne

1. the weather, the weather, the weather.......
2. the wind (at Docklands)
3. the price of houses - average(?) price at Port Melbourne $900,000 (Sept 2009)

That's about all really.

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