Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flower of the Day

My fave flower for today is the native Bower of Beauty - Pandorea jasminoides. These photos show my original tee shirt print design from the 1980s - and I still have a faithful apron from that time but no tee shirts have lasted the 20 year distance :-( . The 2009 version has been made into a dress bag (Nicole Mallalieu pattern).

There are lots of Pandorea species (and shapes, colours and sizes) so lots of fertile ground for more prints. Here are a few Pandoreas taken by my sister in her native plant nursery in northwest Tasmania - Redbreast Plants . P. jasminoides is top left. A nursery bred form P. 'Lady Di" is on the bottom RHS.

It is a hardy plant - a climber - which has adapted well to Australian gardens. Originally a rainforest species from south Queensland/northern NSW, it can be grown as far south as Tasmania (and in far north Queensland). I have seen it growing and flowering vigorously in suburban Melbourne at my (ex) local petrol station near La Trobe University.
Ellis Rowan - the flower hunter - painted a beautiful water colour of jasminoides back in 1900. See image at the Powerhouse Museum website.

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